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Designing tomorrow’s home today

Designing a Smart home means utilizing technology to simplify everyday errands and make life more efficient for the home owners. Today’s busy  life style leaves little to no time for family, children and social life. In addition to the daily work, we have to remember to perform some of the mundane activities like switching off the lights, setting thermostats, worrying about electricity utilization, enabling security systems, ensuring the refrigerator is stocked, setting digital monitoring if your child is left with nanny and thousand other such activities. We are never less stressed even when at work or at holiday, something is always out of control and left unhandled by us.

For modern day designers, a home design can not be completed by only planning out spaces correctly and efficiently or by decorating it to look picture perfect. There is a need to add capabilities that can help improve the homeowner’s convenience of completing daily activities at home.

Technology in the home automation space has gone well beyond our imagination and numerous tasks are made possible by the click of a button on your smart devices (and sometimes just our voice). Today, there is no need to remember and make a list of reminders for anything. For example, the grocery list can be automated using cameras inside the refrigerators. We can be told what we need to buy along with products expiry dates. Baking and cleaning are remotely monitored even if you are away or tired and fall off to sleep. Robots can mop & clean the whole house. Cooking ranges can close once the dish is baked. Motion sensitive devices can be used for temperature control and shutting electrical outlets when not in use. Devices can wake you up like your mom or switch on mood lights when you watching movies. In winter, electric fire can be started on their own to keep the home warm . We can surf the net without moving a finger, by talking only to  a device.

Designing a home by utilizing space planning techniques along with technology planning, we can do much better for any family. Families can save time and enjoy a more quality life with each other. All the features listed in this article and many more should be added to the house as a standard set of features within the home design. This makes the home a lot more desirable for the buyer. This designing methods should definitely be extended for ADA or old age homes. When designing spaces, we must think how we can incorporate these innovations in our design and providing a space design that has all these as their built ins.

Systems that can reduce manual work and provide a smart home with the ability of completing errands at a click

of the button and enable monitoring through smart devices will become the norm in a few years. The home itself can be made as an intelligent standalone device which can operate as and when the need arises for day to day tasks.

Interior designer’s are majorly inclined towards decor and core planning which is very important, but moving with emerging trends and markets is a must too. As global acceptance and needs are changing everyday these types of smart design solutions will get a huge change within the designing society, where there would be a design for everyone and ease of accessibility will help increase the ability to run faster than time.

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