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Akshita is the principal/founder of AShah Designs. She is a professional certified Interior designer.

For Akshita designing is passion. She believes success comes from dedication, learning and giving your best thoughts out. She craves to design for everyone with all types of design requirements and budgets. She designs from heart and puts her best foot forward when it comes to giving her best shot. She is a very carrying and sensitive individual. it is her goal to create a nonprofit organization to help out communities and give back what she was born with. She takes up pro-bono projects for aging in place and ADA clients. AShah Designs was formed with a dream to make a difference in the society and to fulfill every persons dream who wishes to have a beautiful home. If you have any uncertainty that occurred, and you need help with your home to fix things she works with whatever budget you desire to spent and gives you the best possible solution to fix it.

She has degree in Master of Commerce & economics along with Applied science of interior design. She is logical as well as creative. Her childhood was very creative, she painted to express her emotions, worked in textile industry and designed jewelry which were executed into real designs. After coming to United States of America she started her own small business of buying old furniture and reselling them after refurbishing and reupholstering.

She is very creative and makes her own pillows, quilts, drapes and anything that can be re-purposed. Organizing and decorating came naturally as her heritage. She has first hand experience of executing design projects from start to end. This allows her to know exactly what is required to help her clients.

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Akshita's bio story

She believes "In knowing the craft well before doing it for others".

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