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Introducing Akshita, the dynamic principal and founder of AShah Designs.

"I'm Akshita Shah, an accomplished interior designer based in Houston, Texas. With six years of experience as the driving force behind AShah Designs, I've mastered the art of tailoring spaces to match individual client visions and requirements. Whether it's a traditional home yearning for a touch of modernity or an international fusion of design styles, I strive to create environments that transport residents on a global journey without leaving their abode.

My design philosophy centers around embracing challenges and stepping beyond my comfort zone. This approach, combined with a dedication to understanding client budgets and needs, has been the cornerstone of my success. I take pride in collaborating closely with clients to ensure their spaces not only meet their functional requirements but also exceed their aesthetic aspirations.

Deadline-driven and detail-oriented, I craft interiors that stand the test of time, offering both innovation and longevity. At AShah Designs, my ultimate goal is to empower clients with spaces that resonate with their lifestyle, leaving them with beautiful havens they can enjoy for years to come."

She has a deep passion for design and believes that dedication and continuous learning lead to success. Akshita is dedicated to serving clients with different design needs and budgets, aiming to make a positive impact on their lives. She approaches each project with care and sensitivity, striving to deliver exceptional results.

Akshita's main goal is to turn the dreams of individuals seeking beautiful homes into reality. She works within the desired budget and parameters to provide the best possible solutions. Leveraging her expertise and dedication, Akshita creates interior experiences that enhance lives and leave a lasting impression.

Akshita envisions using her talent to make a positive difference in communities. Her long-term aspiration is to establish a nonprofit organization to support those in need. With a Master of Commerce & Economics degree and a strong foundation in Applied Science of Interior Design, Akshita combines logical thinking with a creative spirit. She has hands-on experience in executing design projects from start to finish, giving her valuable insights to deliver remarkable outcomes for her clients.

Akshita Shah : Passionate Founder of AShah Designs

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