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Akshita Shah - Founder and Principal designer

AShah Designs originated with a vision to bring the joy of an envisioned home to a diverse range of people. This company was founded with the explicit purpose of meeting the needs of individuals, prioritizing not only aesthetics but also functionality while considering various budget constraints. Our mission was not to cater solely to those with expansive homes but to fulfill the dreams of anyone desiring a beautiful and personalized living space. At AShah Design, our philosophy revolves around seamlessly blending form, function, and aesthetics. While this may sound like a common goal, for us, it's a sincere commitment reflected in the unique character of every home we create. Each client is treated with utmost importance, and crafting their space becomes a deeply personal and sensitive endeavor in our designs. More than just creating visually appealing spaces, we ensure that the users genuinely admire, cherish, and utilize their spaces in ways they never imagined. Our aim is to transform dreams from magazines into tangible, lived-in realities. AShah Design distinguishes itself as an interior architect company, emphasizing a comprehensive approach beyond mere decoration or styling. Established in 2018 by professional Akshita Shah, the company embodies her dream of harmonizing creativity with functionality, making creative homes with enduring layouts. Akshita Shah, with a background in business and finance, brings an intellectual combination to the company. Her dual expertise allows a meticulous consideration of every aspect, ensuring that design, budget, and client satisfaction align seamlessly. Operating internationally in India and the US, AShah Design gains a valuable perspective on evolving design trends. The company remains committed to exploring new design aspects, whether through innovative products, projects, or styles. We extend a warm invitation to join our team and experience our design services tailored for every individual and budget. A phone call away, AShah Design welcomes you to transform your living space into a haven of creativity and functionality.

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